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A 3D sign with color-changing green and blue peace signs, reading: Welcome.
A 3D tag, not animated, in blues with leafy lettering reading: House of Willows.

A purple sign with a deep purple floral background and 3D color-changing from purple to blue text reading: about.

Hi and welcome to our DW. We're the members of a plural system known as House of Willows. We're LJ transplants. You may have known us there, long ago, as Hawini Tsiwoni. We no longer go by that long, Cherokee name. You're most welcome. ;o) After the LJ multi-WB bullshit, we decided we won't support a website which perpetuates stigma, and makes light of something serious and which we live with every single day, every second of everyday. While we wouldn't ever trade in our life to be single-minded, the massive faux paus is not lost on us in the least. So...
Hello, Dreamwidth, here we are.

A neon green sign with darker green floral background and color-changing text from green to a rainbow of colors reading: need to know.

We recently had some SRS!DRAMAZ on LJ, so we aren't too eager to add people we have never met before, to our DW account. Not just yet. But if we do know you, feel totally free to let us know who you are and to add us.

A photo which looks distinctly like our willow tree inside, with a door and lantern in the trunk.

MuC N*N+# [f;f/m/f2m] S.H+/S.H&S.Hf/S.H&S.He/S.Uv+/S.H&S.Mcw+/S.Mcd/S.A*"starperson" A(b+ r---!/+++!!) Os/c/n Wm|^/Ww/Wd Cc+ OF(r+ o+) P(Ppsi/Pobe/Pext/Past!/Pspi/Ppre/Pmag) Fxb/Feh+^/Feb+/Fi+/Fpc/Fpw+^/Fsl/F~+/Fa+/Fnw+^/Fuu T+++*/T-- Ja!/Jx~/Jwr! Do R-- C+++ So
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